Moved With Compassion

Being moved with compassion, Jesus stretched out His hand, touched him and said to him. "I am willing."  "Be made clean."   Mark 1:41 I have been giving much thought to the word compassion. And I see all the time misunderstanding between the words love and compassion. And they are constantly used interchangeably. We are made to believe through a lot of current spiritual material that compassion is greater than love and it is the purest form of love. But actually they stand on their own and … [Read more...]

“In To Me See”

"Into me see", intimacy is all about sincerity and vulnerability.  To many, these are frightening thoughts and concepts.  So we focus on  substitutes that are just a shadow of what we truly yearn for. Yet only our most intimate relationships with our partners and our closest friends provide solace for the soul. Intimacy Makes Us Feel At Home Once the depths of intimacy have been tasted, it is hard to experience anything less. Intimacy makes us feel secure, loved and at home. But it means … [Read more...]

The Sacrifice

At this critical time in which science and the material world have reached such a pinnacle, many of us are waking up to the understanding that our spiritual natures are lagging far behind.  Many of us have left the care of our spiritual natures in the hands of others.  We have sacrificed the spiritual world in pursuit of the material world. This world very much worships the serpent. And to me, the serpent cunningly represents all the major institutions, individuals and authorities that claim … [Read more...]