Today’s Words Of Wisdom

Fear and anxiety are gripping many people nowadays. It is seen so clearly and can be heard in peoples' voices. There is such an air of uncertainty filling all of us. Anxiety is a state of uneasiness, a state of fear resulting from anticipation of a threatening event. Note it is always concerned with the future. The future cannot be controlled or manipulated yet we treat it as if it actually exists.  This is the biggest lie perpetuated by our adversary dating back to the Garden of … [Read more...]

A Change Of Heart

  Healing is more than just the freedom from symptoms.  Focused on a higher perspective, God's perspective, we come to understand that we are spiritual human beings having a material experience.  In this light, all symptoms can be seen as a gift.  They can alert us to the need for making corrections, making a turn in our lives, having a change of heart. Focus On The Present Moment Healing takes place in the present instant, the present moment.  Be mindful that whole "holy" comes from … [Read more...]

Take A Day Of Rest

There is little regard for rest in the United States. Most of us are so obsessed with productivity, programmed to produce at all times and at all costs even at the expense of our own health. We skip meals or grab quick meals on the go, forgetting about slow digestion and enjoying our food.  Over time, this kind of behavior causes our systems to become overly tired, overburdened. Pay Attention Sometimes when we ignore our inner promptings and override them, the soul can stop the bodily … [Read more...]

Faith And Trust, Not A Last Resort

  These are such prayerful times. It is hard to decipher what is the truth and what are lies. Violence in the world and our beloved United States has escalated at an alarming rate. I just want to share again a prayer that helps me to stay clear minded and clear headed. It is a prayer that I have said so many times that it is now part of my being.  I now live, breathe, hear the words resounding in me many times throughout the day. This prayer is from the Bible, Chapter 91 of the … [Read more...]

“In To Me See”

"Into me see", intimacy is all about sincerity and vulnerability.  To many, these are frightening thoughts and concepts.  So we focus on  substitutes that are just a shadow of what we truly yearn for. Yet only our most intimate relationships with our partners and our closest friends provide solace for the soul. Intimacy Makes Us Feel At Home Once the depths of intimacy have been tasted, it is hard to experience anything less. Intimacy makes us feel secure, loved and at home. But it means … [Read more...]

Let Go Of Things That No Longer Serve

I am constantly hearing people expressing the need to downsize or create a more simple lifestyle. And it got me to thinking about all the things that we, human beings, hold onto and how important it is to let go of things that no longer serve us. Want To Lose Weight, Clean Out Your Closets I like to live in an environment that is clean, clear, orderly and sparkly. It is hard for me to function when things are out of order.  And from time to time, I find myself cleaning out closets and giving … [Read more...]

Today’s Thoughts

  Hope is defined as cherishing a desired outcome with expectation. A belief in a positive outcome related to circumstances and events in one's life.  Sometimes, when we give up all hope of ever getting what we want. It comes. In essence what we are giving up is false hope, hope that is attached to a future outcome or gaining a future reward. Anytime we have expectation of a future outcome we are setting ourselves up. If the expected outcome is not forthcoming, we are left … [Read more...]

Restore Our Countenances

  No one in the world has the same face as yours, never have and never will. The face reveals what you need in life.   The face shows your path to fulfillment, your own uniqueness. Face Reading, A Sacred Science When we are studying the face we are looking at the form and structure of the face reflecting in the body. This sacred science, known as morphology, is a picture language based on intuition not on discursive language which belongs to the realm of reason. The information is … [Read more...]

We Can Make A Difference

  Everything is composed of energy including our thoughts and emotions. And these thoughts and emotions actually carry a frequency.  And just as we have inherited the color of our eyes, hair and other characteristics from our ancestors, so too we have inherited thoughts, beliefs and memories from them. These affect us whether or not we are aware of it. Our health, finances, relationships can be colored by guilt, a low self esteem mentality carried through the genetic line. Our … [Read more...]

Negative Thinking Is Our Worst Enemy

By far, besides the fallen hierarchy, the most dangerous non-beneficial or negative entities on the planet are the ones we engender or give life to through our wrong thinking. Our perverse human tendencies,warped imagination contribute to our demise. And our negative thinking is our worst enemy depriving us of our freedom and enslaving us. Look all around at all the atrocities, all the Hitler’s of the world. Just look at the making of the atomic bomb that is able to destroy all life in the … [Read more...]