Come Up Here

    In the center around the throne of the One True God are four living creatures, and they are covered with eyes, in front and in back.  The first living creature is a like a lion, the second  like an ox, the third has a face like a man, the fourth is like a flying eagle.  Each of the four living creatures have six wings and are covered with eyes all around, even under its wings.  Day and night they never stop saying   "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who … [Read more...]

Bless The Past

  Leaving the past behind means just that.  There can be no rubber necking, no looking back in regret to see what is left behind.  Bless the past, release it. You can be grateful for all that happened, for all the events and circumstances that have brought you to here. Looking Back In Sadness And Regret The story of Lot’s wife is a prime example of what happens when we turn back in sadness and regret.  She was leaving a lifestyle that she loved and knew for the unknown. For people … [Read more...]

In These Trying Times, Become A Prayer Warrior

  In these trying times, I find myself listening to the news in smaller and smaller increments.  Just a few moments gets me to the heart of the matter, eliminating hours of watching or listening to the media. My understanding is that the battle going on in the world at large is not a political one but actually a spiritual one. Consequently, I find myself praying more often for my family, my friends, our nation and the world.  And praying that our leaders make righteous decisions  … [Read more...]

Greet The Day

  Waking up in the morning as soon as my feet hit the floor, I love to extend my arms exposing my heart. And greet the day with a pray to the Uncreated God. I love this time of the day; it is a new day, a new hopeful beginning. Sometimes I do it even when I don’t feel like it, and when I do, it makes always me feel better.  And it sets the tone for my day. Just Breathe The following exercise comes from Theresa of Avila, one of the preservers of imagery from the fifteenth century. Being … [Read more...]

Today’s Thoughts

So many of us have at times given our power and put onto pedestals people claiming to be spiritually advanced or people claiming to have special healing abilities. And in my time, I have met many false teachers and have witnessed the fall from grace of a few such healers and spiritual adepts.  Not all is what it seems. A True Teacher Does Not Need To Be Worshiped A teacher who has truly reached an authentic stage of development does not need to make claims nor desires to be worshiped. Even … [Read more...]

Be Joyful In Hope

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.~ Romans 12:12 There is surely a future hope for you and your hope will not be cut off ~ Proverbs 23:18   Be joyful in hope.  I know it is sometimes difficult to be joyful when life seems to be filled with obstacles, set backs, disturbances of all kinds.  But actually joy is not dependent on outside circumstances.  And when you find joy in hope you get to live life joyously. State Of Peace Joy bubbles up from within and is … [Read more...]

Today’s Thoughts

We are inextricably connected to the Invisible Reality of the Uncreated God that showers us all the time with goodness, beauty, freedom and magnificence. All that is needed on our parts is faith and trust that we do deserve. Just as the sun shines unconditionally on us all, the Uncreated God knows not the love of power, it reflects only the power of love. Be Not Captured By The Darkness Of The World  Be in the world but not captured by the darkness and hate that is of the world. The world … [Read more...]

Cleaning Out..

  I love order and from time to time, find myself cleaning out closets and giving away clothes, shoes and things that no longer fit the person that I am now today. It always makes me feel unburdened, lighter.  And interestingly enough, it has been proven that if you want to lose weight just clean out your closets. Let Go Of Beliefs, Memories Letting go, takes on a deeper meaning when we consciously redirect our lives.  And we choose to bring to the dump those beliefs, thoughts, memories that … [Read more...]

Today’s Message

  Our first parents lived in the Garden of Eden, actually a non-physical reality where there was no death and disease. They lived in perfect harmony with all and everything was good, and everything was given freely. The only edict was to listen to the voice of God and not eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. They lived in a beautiful world, knowing only oneness, transparent in their personal relationship with the Living God, enjoying walking with Him, talking to Him.  … [Read more...]

Call On 911

I love Psalm 91 and I call on it to start the day.  And I repeatedly say it throughout my day, it is my 911.  It brings me tremendous peace and sometimes I find myself saying excerpts of it in my dreams.  I keep the Bible opened to this chapter on the nightstand next to my bed as a constant reminder that I am protected. Psalms Of Praise The Book of Psalms is the longest book in the Bible containing 150 psalms, or songs of praise to God. Many of these psalms have been accredited to King David … [Read more...]