A Wake Up Call

One of the first times the difference between looking and seeing hit home to me was when I was studying with Dr. Jerry Epstein.  At the beginning of any group of classes he asks people to introduce themselves to the rest of the group. When it was my turn to introduce myself, I said my name Josie with emphasis on the Jo. He politely asked me to repeat my name; well this went on three times. On the third try, a little exasperated, I put the emphasis on the sie/see of Josie. Finally satisfied, … [Read more...]

We Are Our Own Worst Enemies

Evil does exist and it is walking the earth. The hierarchy of the left has tremendous power but actually they can only offer temptation. That is their weapon. They cannot interfere with man's free will. The Warped Imagination Is Our Worst Enemy Sometimes though, the non-beneficial or negative entities that exist all around us and in us are the ones that we engender or give life to through our wrong thinking. Our perverse human tendencies and warped imagination are our own worst enemies. And … [Read more...]

Intuition, Looking Inside

The word intuition comes from the Latin 'intueri' meaning to look inside or to contemplate. We live in such a busy world of hyper everything, very little time is devoted to actually looking inside. Intuition, Inbuilt Ability Much importance is placed on the logical side of our brain that little is known about the right which is associated with intuitive processes such as aesthetic abilities. But intuition is connected to the direct perception of truth.   It is imparted from the world of … [Read more...]

Time To Give Thanks

This is a special time of the year for me. It is really an exalted time like being washed clean by  a rain full of graces.  The end of the month is birthday time and sometimes it falls right on Thanksgiving Day. It is time for me to give thanks for having been birthed on the planet at such a propitious time. As harrowing as conditions around the world are, I wouldn't want to miss this ride for the world. Acknowledge Everything Thanksgiving allows us to take the time to remember to give … [Read more...]

Accept Your Uniqueness

Growing up for many of us, guardians of the light, was not easy. There were times when we felt very alone and unsupported. We felt different from other people, like strangers in a strange land. I know for myself it was hard to understand and accept the paranormal experiences going on in my life. And then to top it off, even at a young age, I knew there was a battle raging between the light and the dark.  And in my early teens, I rejected many of my gifts.  I did not want to be uniquely … [Read more...]

Stay In Your Spiritual Core

  We are now in the beginning of the new year, 2015, and already the energy all over the world is intense, chaotic, distressful. So now more than ever, it is so important to remember to stay calm, centered, focused in your spiritual core. I see a lot of people walking around with open eyes but they are not awake. The lightkeepers,who are waking up from deep sleep need to be mindful to stay cheerful, and happy no matter what is going on in the world. We Are Not Truly Helping Anyone I … [Read more...]

Making Whole-Holy

  Healing is more than the freedom from symptoms. When we focus on remembering that we are spiritual human beings having a material experience, we can come to an understanding and an acceptance that symptoms can be seen as a gift.  They can alert us to the need for making corrections in our lives. Or on a grander scale, they can signal to us that we have forgotten ourselves and that we need to return to center and remember to take care of ourselves. Focus On The Process of … [Read more...]

The Realm Of Humility

We are such a mixture of beliefs, thoughts and emotions that we inherently come into life with and those that we accumulate from just living in the day to day world.   As a result, some of our personality qualities are not as attractive as we would like. When we acknowledge the not so welcomed traits, we are entering the realm of humility. It is a realm where we come to the understanding that we are not superior to one another.  Our ego struggles with this notion and likes to keep us in the … [Read more...]

Appreciating Your Gifts

  There are times in our lives when we feel very alone.  Growing up for many of us was difficult.  We felt different from other people around us.  I know for me there was no support to help me to understand and accept the paranormal experiences going on in my life.  Nor I did have the words or the language to help explain these things. Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely Now, so many years later, I understand that alone doesn't mean lonely, it just means at-one, and the feeling is one of … [Read more...]