Tending Our Gardens

    I derive great joy in living with plants inside and outside my home.  And I come from a long line of people who love gardening .  I have precious indelible memories of my parents and grandparents diligently working side by side transforming what plot of land they had around their home into a magnificent garden. Life Is Similar To A Garden Gardens need much attention.  They need our tender loving care.  To me life is similar to a garden.  We have the responsibility of … [Read more...]

Healing, A State Of Soundness

Healing is a state of wholeness,  a state of soundness. And every person has the capacity not only to heal but to be a healer. Even though some of us have come into life with this gift,  it really is not a special ability reserved for a few unusual people.  But rather it is a natural, creative skill. There are many techniques you can acquire, study but no techniques are ultimately required in the world of Spirit. What is required though is a willingness to allow, to set aside your small … [Read more...]

Powered By Source

  One who shines the light is powered by Source. It is the kind of power that is not fueled by the desire to grab, desire to step over another to get, or a desire to keep it for oneself. The power is freely given with the understanding that when misused, you lose everything. You cannot buy it from a spiritual teacher or steal it from another anymore. This kind of power is paid for by clearing and cleaning all the deep recesses of the mind and heart. It requires a pure heart in a … [Read more...]

Being The Watchman

Being the watchman asks you to be vigilant and constantly being observant with attention. It means being totally in the now. There is nothing to concentrate on, nothing to do. Simply, it opens a new way of being, an expansive world outside of the confines of the limited mind. You don't have to escape from life to experience this expanded vision. Become The Center Of The Cyclone As a matter of fact you are called upon to step more fully into the world, into life.  It requires that you be … [Read more...]

Watch Your Thoughts

I just want to thank my dear friend, Laura Angelini of angelini designs.com, for conducting this experiment inspired by  watching a video of Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind, which connects the subjects of thought and consciousness with the brain, mind, and body. She planted seeds in three different containers, one container had the word Love written on it, another container had the word Hate, and the third container nothing was written on … [Read more...]

The Power Of Joy

  Joy is a feeling and it is a power that is not dependent on anything outside of us. We all have the misconception that emotions and feelings are the same and generally when speaking about them we use these words interchangeably. Emotions Are Fleeting Actually emotions are fleeting, temporary.  Their movement is out and they are based on our reactions to outside triggers.  They move like clouds that block the sun. Their nature is ephemeral, wispy, but begging for our attention. … [Read more...]

Intention, A Power Of Will

Intention is defined as a determination to act in a certain way. A course of action that one intends to follow. Intention is a vision that guides our thoughts, our desires, and choices. Actually when we are stating our intention, we are using the power of the will to take a deliberate course of action. Capacity To Take Action When I use the word power please understand I don't mean power in the way the world perceives it.  The world view is to have power over another person to control their … [Read more...]

You Are Protected

I love Psalm 91 and I say it repeatedly throughout my day especially when I am frightened or when I feel that I need an extra blanket of protection around me.  But always  I say it out loud in the morning before I get on with my day. I find it a very helpful tool and sometimes I find myself saying excerpts of it in my dreams.  I keep the Bible opened to this chapter on the nightstand next to my bed as I constant reminder that I am protected. Psalms Of Praise The Book of Psalms is the longest … [Read more...]

Calling Upon Your Protection

This prayer from the Bible, from the book of Psalms, Chapter 91 is a strong hedge of protection at a time when there is so much chaos and fear around us.  You, like myself, might find this prayer to be a useful tool to say in the morning out loud before the day begins. But, interestingly, I also find myself saying this prayer during the day when I want to be lifted from the cares of the world or when I feel that I need the extra protection. Psalms Of Praise The Book of Psalms is the longest … [Read more...]

Negative Thinking Is Our Worst Enemy

By far, besides the fallen hierarchy, the most dangerous non-beneficial or negative entities on the planet are the ones we engender or give life to through our wrong thinking. Our perverse human tendencies,warped imagination contribute to our demise. And our negative thinking is our worst enemy depriving us of our freedom and enslaving us. Look all around at all the atrocities, all the Hitler’s of the world. Just look at the making of the atomic bomb that is able to destroy all life in the … [Read more...]