Forgiveness Is Key

An important key to any kind of healing is forgiveness. Forgiveness is key;  forgiveness of others is only the first step. Holding unforgiveness in your heart maintains a negative tie with that person. Releasing the Hurts When we are holding a negative feeling in our hearts about someone, it actually does nothing to that person. However it does make it harder for you because you will continue to attract situations that will remind you of that person until you can release that energy. Releasing … [Read more...]

Lessons That We Learn

  Life is a gift given to us undeservedly by an incredible Invisible Reality, the Uncreated God. And in this sojourn called life sometimes there are lessons that we learn and remember. I remember very well going into debt with my first own credit card.  I went on a buying binge of gift giving for my family at Christmas time.  It was exhilarating  to have more buying power and have the ability to lavish my loved ones with presents that normally I could not afford. Money that I … [Read more...]

Powered By Source

  One who shines the light is powered by Source. It is the kind of power that is not fueled by the desire to grab, desire to step over another to get, or a desire to keep it for oneself. The power is freely given with the understanding that when misused, you lose everything. You cannot buy it from a spiritual teacher or steal it from another anymore. This kind of power is paid for by clearing and cleaning all the deep recesses of the mind and heart. It requires a pure heart in a … [Read more...]

Today’s Thoughts

  In all areas of life and certainly on the path to Spirit, there are no short cuts, no skipping steps. As a matter of fact, on the road to Spirit, sometimes it is three steps forward and two steps back. We are constantly being challenged and tested along the path. Keep In View A Direction I have learned that one has to be flexible enough to let go of the outcome.  It is my observation that this state of mind keeps you light, and humble. Sometimes we don't know what is best for us; … [Read more...]

Joy Bubbles Up

  Joy is a feeling that is not dependent on anything outside of us.  We all have the misconception that emotions and feelings are the same and when speaking about them we interchangeably use these words. But actually emotions are fleeting, temporary, the movement is out and they are based on our reactions to outside triggers. State Of Peace Joy bubbles up from within and is present even when your life is falling apart.  It is a inner state of contentment, peace despite outside … [Read more...]

Appreciate The Little Things

Lately, I have been finding more ways of bringing more joy into my life. So many of us are trying to create a simpler lifestyle one that focuses on health, and well-being. And more and more, I realize that I enjoy and appreciate the little things in my life. Brings Joy For me, one of the things that brings me joy is being with friends enjoying simple things. Recently, I went on a drive through the countryside with a dear friend. We live in a break taking area of mountains and babbling brooks … [Read more...]