Today’s Message Of Hope

      Many people think that God is an aloof, remote, and uncaring being, ready to send thunderbolts down as judgment upon them.  The enemy has done a fine job of helping us stay separate from The One True God who is constantly knocking on our door, wanting to have relationship and fellowship with us. The Most High God Is Polite Jesus described His desire, "I stand at the door and knock.  If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a … [Read more...]

Today’s Nugget

    I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which He has called you, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints, and His incomparable great power for us who believe. Ephesians 1:18 - 19   Josie Nigro - Intuitive Coaching & Energy Healing I am honored to walk beside you in your spiritual awakening and share the Christ Light Healing Energy and offer the following: Hands-on and Remote … [Read more...]

Forgiveness Is Key

An important key to any kind of healing is forgiveness. Forgiveness is key;  forgiveness of others is only the first step. Holding unforgiveness in your heart maintains a negative tie with that person. Releasing the Hurts When we are holding a negative feeling in our hearts about someone, it actually does nothing to that person. However it does make it harder for you because you will continue to attract situations that will remind you of that person until you can release that energy. Releasing … [Read more...]

Tending Our Gardens

    I derive great joy in living with plants inside and outside my home.  And I come from a long line of people who love gardening .  I have precious indelible memories of my parents and grandparents diligently working side by side transforming what plot of land they had around their home into a magnificent garden. Life Is Similar To A Garden Gardens need much attention.  They need our tender loving care.  To me life is similar to a garden.  We have the responsibility of … [Read more...]

The Power Of Joy

  Joy is a feeling and it is a power that is not dependent on anything outside of us. We all have the misconception that emotions and feelings are the same and generally when speaking about them we use these words interchangeably. Emotions Are Fleeting Actually emotions are fleeting, temporary.  Their movement is out and they are based on our reactions to outside triggers.  They move like clouds that block the sun. Their nature is ephemeral, wispy, but begging for our attention. … [Read more...]

Joy Bubbles Up

  Joy is a feeling that is not dependent on anything outside of us.  We all have the misconception that emotions and feelings are the same and when speaking about them we interchangeably use these words. But actually emotions are fleeting, temporary, the movement is out and they are based on our reactions to outside triggers. State Of Peace Joy bubbles up from within and is present even when your life is falling apart.  It is a inner state of contentment, peace despite outside … [Read more...]

Appreciate The Little Things

Lately, I have been finding more ways of bringing more joy into my life. So many of us are trying to create a simpler lifestyle one that focuses on health, and well-being. And more and more, I realize that I enjoy and appreciate the little things in my life. Brings Joy For me, one of the things that brings me joy is being with friends enjoying simple things. Recently, I went on a drive through the countryside with a dear friend. We live in a break taking area of mountains and babbling brooks … [Read more...]

Joy, An Immune Enhancer

Lately, I have been finding more ways of opening up to more joy in my life.   And in so doing, I realize more and more that joy is an immune enhancer.  I take delight in the little things of life.  And I cherish more than ever a life that focuses on health, well being and ways of enhancing and strengthening my immune system on all levels. Simple pleasures is my motto.  You don't need a lot of money to make dinner for friends, or arrange a spa day in your home doing facials and pedicures. … [Read more...]

Everything Is Freely Given

  As human beings, everything including our bodies is freely given to us by a creative Source, Infinite Intelligence, God.  We do not own anything, everything here is on loan.  Our job living on the earth is to use all responsibly and wisely.  We take nothing with us when we leave but our consciousness, the love we shared with the beneficent Source and others. Awe Inspiring And Humbling We are magnificent containers of life and the force that fills us is in a constant process of expanding and … [Read more...]

Walking On The Highest And Easiest Path

  I have been praying and saying these words out loud for months, and just recently another level of meaning has been revealed to me.  When you make a commitment to walk on such a path, life becomes simpler.  You start living a more peaceful and happy life.  Life no longer carries with it a burdensome weight. Words Hitting Home When the words truly hit home, everything, thoughts, emotions that are created daily just by the fact that we are living in this world are released.  When … [Read more...]