One Size Does Not Fit All

  One standard diet does not fit every human being, just as one size does not fit all.  A standardized rule of thumb is not appropriate for everyone. A standard is defined as an approved unit of measurement.  This is great applied to things but when applied to people, it is dehumanizing. Yes, there are standard dress sizes, but even that, any dressmaker will tell you everybody's shape and size is different. You may have size 4 on the top part of your body and size 8 on the bottom half … [Read more...]

Intuition, Looking Inside

The word intuition comes from the Latin 'intueri' meaning to look inside or to contemplate. We live in such a busy world of hyper everything, very little time is devoted to actually looking inside. Intuition, Inbuilt Ability Much importance is placed on the logical side of our brain that little is known about the right which is associated with intuitive processes such as aesthetic abilities. But intuition is connected to the direct perception of truth.   It is imparted from the world of … [Read more...]

Thoughts For The Day

When walking as spiritual human beings, there is constant balance to maintain, very much like walking a tightrope. We are neither totally walking on the physical plane nor on the spiritual plane. We are not meant to be in one world at the expense of the other.  We are meant to walk on the physical earth bringing to it the awareness of our spiritual connection. And as spiritual human beings the path is not laid out in front of us. The Path Is Not Always Visible As it is being created by us … [Read more...]

The Sacrifice

At this critical time in which science and the material world have reached such a pinnacle, many of us are waking up to the understanding that our spiritual natures are lagging far behind.  Many of us have left the care of our spiritual natures in the hands of others.  We have sacrificed the spiritual world in pursuit of the material world. This world very much worships the serpent. And to me, the serpent cunningly represents all the major institutions, individuals and authorities that claim … [Read more...]

The Great Unfolding

Know that we all deserve the blessings and graces bestowed upon us by the benevolent Source. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. The energy of this benevolent Source, Infinite Intelligence, God, is manifesting strongly in thousands across the world. This inner energy like an underground stream is working its way to the surface to nourish all living things. The Great Unfolding At the same time of the great unfolding of the love of God, man and greater understanding of the … [Read more...]

Thoughts Of The Day

  Very recently I was approached by someone who attended one of my dowsing classes. She expressed amazement at the accuracy of the pendulum and how it seemed to have a life force of its own, like something  supernatural.  I had to remind her that it is a tool and in and of itself it is neutral. There's no magical power that the pendulum holds. The Magical Power Of Intuition Actually, the magical power is that of  intuition which is waiting to be tapped into and is inherent in everyone. … [Read more...]

Appreciating Your Gifts

  There are times in our lives when we feel very alone.  Growing up for many of us was difficult.  We felt different from other people around us.  I know for me there was no support to help me to understand and accept the paranormal experiences going on in my life.  Nor I did have the words or the language to help explain these things. Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely Now, so many years later, I understand that alone doesn't mean lonely, it just means at-one, and the feeling is one of … [Read more...]

Recent Client Review

  "Thank you! Thank you for your guidance Josie!  It was a Truly divine experience! ️ I recently received guidance from Josie, and it was the most clear, coherent, loving soul growing, experience I've ever had!!! My session was a short one this time, but I can not wait to make another longer session with her again! I have known Josie for few years as a friend(lucky me) and when ever I was facing something " larger then life" kind of life challenge, I would call her for help! … [Read more...]

Listening To Intuition, The Direct Perception Of Truth

  The word intuition comes from the Latin  'intueri' meaning to look inside or to contemplate. The right side of the brain is associated with intuitive processes such as aesthetic abilities. It is connected to the direct perception of truth, which is imparted from the world of Spirit. It is not something that is learned or imparted by someone outside of you. The Act Of Paying Attention Then it is important to act on the intuitive guidance and information.  The act of listening is … [Read more...]

The Footprints Prayer

The footprints prayer is such a reminder that we are not alone.  The UncreatedGod, Infinite Intelligence is always with us. This prayer has been around since the late forties, credit and many thanks goes to the author, Mary Stevenson. I have always loved this prayer and I believe, maybe unbeknownst to her,  that the prayer came through her. For people who want to browse her website, the link is: Many Times We Feel Abandoned I know there are times in life … [Read more...]