Today’s Nugget

    I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which He has called you, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints, and His incomparable great power for us who believe. Ephesians 1:18 - 19   Josie Nigro - Intuitive Coaching & Energy Healing I am honored to walk beside you in your spiritual awakening and share the Christ Light Healing Energy and offer the following: Hands-on and Remote … [Read more...]

Psalm 91

  I love the Book of Psalms, it is one of the most beautiful collection of love songs to the Lord God.  We lost the music to the words but the words speak of a personal relationship to the Living God.  My favorite which I say every morning is Psalm 91. It sets the tone for my day and I don't leave my house without saying it or sometimes singing it creating my own melody.  For me, it is a reminder that faith and trust are the first thing to turn to when feeling any kind of danger … [Read more...]

Today’s Message

As spiritual human beings we are meant to walk balanced between heaven and earth.  And as we consciously take steps to ascend the ladder, we naturally bring heaven down here on earth. Have Faith And Trust We are inextricably connected to the Invisible Reality, Infinite Intelligence, God that showers us all the time with His unfailing goodness and magnificence. Our DNA carries memories of this unconditional Love. All that is needed on our parts is faith and trust that we do deserve and open our … [Read more...]

Be Joyful In Hope

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.~ Romans 12:12 There is surely a future hope for you and your hope will not be cut off ~ Proverbs 23:18   Be joyful in hope.  I know it is sometimes difficult to be joyful when life seems to be filled with obstacles, set backs, disturbances of all kinds.  But actually joy is not dependent on outside circumstances.  And when you find joy in hope you get to live life joyously. State Of Peace Joy bubbles up from within and is … [Read more...]

Today’s Thoughts

We are inextricably connected to the Invisible Reality of the Uncreated God that showers us all the time with goodness, beauty, freedom and magnificence. All that is needed on our parts is faith and trust that we do deserve. Just as the sun shines unconditionally on us all, the Uncreated God knows not the love of power, it reflects only the power of love. Be Not Captured By The Darkness Of The World  Be in the world but not captured by the darkness and hate that is of the world. The world … [Read more...]

Footprints In The Sand

The famous "footprints in the sand" poem serves as a constant reminder that we are not alone.  The Uncreated God, the One True God is always with us.  This inspirational message has been around since the late forties.  Many thanks goes to Mary Stevenson who is responsible for authoring such a beautiful reminder and giving it to this world. I pray that this encourages all those who feel abandoned, feel that God is not listening to them or that God has turned His back on us.  My friends, that … [Read more...]

Give Thanks For All Things

This is a special time of the year.  For me, it is really an exalted time.  I get to celebrate my birthday but I also get to give thanks for having been birthed on the planet at such a propitious time. As harrowing as conditions around the world are, I wouldn't want to miss this ride for the world. Acknowledge Everything Thanksgiving allows us to slow down and take the time to remember to give thanks for all things.  Acknowledge all your blessings. Everything received and everything yet to … [Read more...]

The One Voice

"I am not moved by the things that I hear nor the things that I see."   From a very young age we have all been  educated with the message that we cannot trust and have faith in our inner compass, our own inner voice. Many of us grew up in fear of this inner voice thereby replacing it with the voices of our parents, our teachers, our peers and our government. Faith And Trust In The One Voice Yet as spiritual human beings we are designed to have trust and faith in the One Voice. It is … [Read more...]

A Wake Up Call

One of the first times the difference between looking and seeing hit home to me was when I was studying with Dr. Jerry Epstein.  At the beginning of any group of classes he asks people to introduce themselves to the rest of the group. When it was my turn to introduce myself, I said my name Josie with emphasis on the Jo. He politely asked me to repeat my name; well this went on three times. On the third try, a little exasperated, I put the emphasis on the sie/see of Josie. Finally satisfied, … [Read more...]

Faith And Trust, Not A Last Resort

  These are such prayerful times. It is hard to decipher what is the truth and what are lies. Violence in the world and our beloved United States has escalated at an alarming rate. I just want to share again a prayer that helps me to stay clear minded and clear headed. It is a prayer that I have said so many times that it is now part of my being.  I now live, breathe, hear the words resounding in me many times throughout the day. This prayer is from the Bible, Chapter 91 of the … [Read more...]