We Can Make A Difference

  Everything is composed of energy including our thoughts and emotions. And these thoughts and emotions actually carry a frequency.  And just as we have inherited the color of our eyes, hair and other characteristics from our ancestors, so too we have inherited thoughts, beliefs and memories from them. These affect us whether or not we are aware of it. Our health, finances, relationships can be colored by guilt, a low self esteem mentality carried through the genetic line. Our … [Read more...]

States of Consciousness

  Dimensions are light frequencies. They are states of consciousness. They are not places outside of us but rather inner states of being reflected in our attitudes, beliefs and collective identity. I love the analogy of the worm's transformation into the butterfly. The Butterfly's Life Consider the butterfly's life, it starts as an egg blissfully at peace with oneself unaware of the outside world. Slowly a ripening takes place, the egg begins to expand from its blissful state and … [Read more...]

The Dimensions of Consciousness

Very recently, I was talking to a friend about the different dimensions, and she encouraged me to write about it.  So here it goes, I am no expert, I am not a scientist but I can only speak from my  own understanding.  Dimensions are light frequencies, states of consciousness.  They are not places outside of ourselves, and being in the fifth dimension doesn't mean we don't have bodies anymore.  We are still living on the earth and doing the same things but in a different way.  It can be best … [Read more...]