Mass Consciousness Influences Us All The Time

  Everything is composed of energy including our thoughts and emotions. It seems to me that once we birth them, they take on a life force of their own.  And we are affected by each others thoughts and emotions all the time. At this time the prevailing thought forms are the spirits of fear, divisiveness, hatred, lack, which are creating the energy of mass consciousness. And this mass consciousness can and does influence us all the time. Every time, we pick a newspaper, open our mouths or … [Read more...]

Stand Under A Shower Of Golden Light

When doing any kind of healing working, we need to remain mindful about absorbing things, like beliefs, emotions, and attaching thought forms that do not belong to us. So it is very important to clean and clear ourselves after every session, and then also at night. Before going to bed, I see myself stand under a shower of golden light washing away the day.  At the same time I affirm that I disconnect from all conversations, and from all that I saw and heard throughout the day.  I see myself … [Read more...]

One Size Does Not Fit All

  One standard diet does not fit every human being, just as one size does not fit all.  A standardized rule of thumb is not appropriate for everyone. A standard is defined as an approved unit of measurement.  This is great applied to things but when applied to people, it is dehumanizing. Yes, there are standard dress sizes, but even that, any dressmaker will tell you everybody's shape and size is different. You may have size 4 on the top part of your body and size 8 on the bottom half … [Read more...]

Balance Is The Key

  For those of us who are walking on the earth recognizing that we are spiritual first, balance is the key.  Sometimes it seems like we are walking on a tightrope. Our eyes staying focused on the point before us, never looking below, behind or around but are fully connecting to the Invisible Reality above.  We are totally in the present. As spiritual human beings, we are neither totally walking on the physical plane nor on the spiritual plane.  Yet we are not meant to be in one … [Read more...]

Being The Watchman

Being the watchman asks you to be vigilant and constantly being observant with attention. It means being totally in the now. There is nothing to concentrate on, nothing to do. Simply, it opens a new way of being, an expansive world outside of the confines of the limited mind. You don't have to escape from life to experience this expanded vision. Become The Center Of The Cyclone As a matter of fact you are called upon to step more fully into the world, into life.  It requires that you be … [Read more...]

Be Honest With Yourself

  The path to knowing yourself, as a spiritual human being, is a journey which requires you to be very honest with yourself and to take response-ability. Walking this path means you can no longer blame others for your emotional and mental states or project old wounds onto others. It means bringing to the light, the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing and speaking to others clearly.  And probably more importantly forgiveness, not only of others and by far harder forgiveness of … [Read more...]

Intention, A Power Of Will

Intention is defined as a determination to act in a certain way. A course of action that one intends to follow. Intention is a vision that guides our thoughts, our desires, and choices. Actually when we are stating our intention, we are using the power of the will to take a deliberate course of action. Capacity To Take Action When I use the word power please understand I don't mean power in the way the world perceives it.  The world view is to have power over another person to control their … [Read more...]

Joy Bubbles Up

  Joy is a feeling that is not dependent on anything outside of us.  We all have the misconception that emotions and feelings are the same and when speaking about them we interchangeably use these words. But actually emotions are fleeting, temporary, the movement is out and they are based on our reactions to outside triggers. State Of Peace Joy bubbles up from within and is present even when your life is falling apart.  It is a inner state of contentment, peace despite outside … [Read more...]

Accept Your Uniqueness

Growing up for many of us, guardians of the light, was not easy. There were times when we felt very alone and unsupported. We felt different from other people, like strangers in a strange land. I know for myself it was hard to understand and accept the paranormal experiences going on in my life. And then to top it off, even at a young age, I knew there was a battle raging between the light and the dark.  And in my early teens, I rejected many of my gifts.  I did not want to be uniquely … [Read more...]

Doubt, The Divider

  Doubt is defined by uncertainty, undecidedness in opinion and belief. According to wikipedia, it is a state of mind suspended between two contradictory propositions.  It is the state of being of two minds.  You are not able to assent to either of them therefore leaving you  paralyzed being not able to move forward or backward. Doubt is ubiquitous, everyone experiences it from time to time.  It is the nature of living on the planet.  It's been a part of our lives since the fall … [Read more...]