Dream Big

Be the love, be the peace.  It is not something that another can give you. You actually give it to yourself when you grant yourself permission to dream big.  It is a consent born from deep within you when you are living and staying in your heart. Know that we all deserve the blessings and graces bestowed upon us by the benevolent Source. There is no lack in the universe it is only our perception of  separation. Our thoughts get in the way, our limiting thoughts and beliefs that are sometimes … [Read more...]

Prayer Of Protection

  There is a strong prayer of protection in the Bible, in the book of Psalms, Chapter 91 which I keep opened on my nightstand as a reminder that I am always protected.   There is such fear and hate creating great chaotic energy all over the world; this is just one of the hedges of protection you might find useful and helpful. A Special Thank You Special thank you to Christina Lunden who shares this wonderful prayer on her website.  And thank you for always reminding me to walk on … [Read more...]

Recent Client Review

  "Thank you! Thank you for your guidance Josie!  It was a Truly divine experience! ️ I recently received guidance from Josie, and it was the most clear, coherent, loving soul growing, experience I've ever had!!! My session was a short one this time, but I can not wait to make another longer session with her again! I have known Josie for few years as a friend(lucky me) and when ever I was facing something " larger then life" kind of life challenge, I would call her for help! … [Read more...]