Today’s Word

 Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and do not depend on your own understanding Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you what path to take.   Proverb 3:4-6 NLT Josie Nigro - Intuitive Coaching & Energy Healing I am honored to walk beside you in your spiritual awakening and share the Christ Light Healing Energy and offer the following: Hands-on and Remote Healing - Healing energy goes to wherever it is most needed. Intuitive Coaching - My intent is to … [Read more...]

Today’s Thoughts

We are inextricably connected to the Invisible Reality of the Uncreated God that showers us all the time with goodness, beauty, freedom and magnificence. All that is needed on our parts is faith and trust that we do deserve. Just as the sun shines unconditionally on us all, the Uncreated God knows not the love of power, it reflects only the power of love. Be Not Captured By The Darkness Of The World  Be in the world but not captured by the darkness and hate that is of the world. The world … [Read more...]

An Important Key To Healing

An important key to healing is forgiveness.  Giving pardon to others who have caused you harm is the first step in healing.  Holding onto unforgiveness in your heart maintains a negative tie with that person even if you are justified with your anger. It causes a heaviness and weight in your hearts. Releasing the Hurts When you are holding a negative feeling in your heart about someone, it actually does nothing to him or to her.  But it does make it harder for you because you will continue to … [Read more...]

One Size Does Not Fit All

  One standard diet does not fit every human being, just as one size does not fit all.  A standardized rule of thumb is not appropriate for everyone. A standard is defined as an approved unit of measurement.  This is great applied to things but when applied to people, it is dehumanizing. Yes, there are standard dress sizes, but even that, any dressmaker will tell you everybody's shape and size is different. You may have size 4 on the top part of your body and size 8 on the bottom half … [Read more...]

Intuition, Looking Inside

The word intuition comes from the Latin 'intueri' meaning to look inside or to contemplate. We live in such a busy world of hyper everything, very little time is devoted to actually looking inside. Intuition, Inbuilt Ability Much importance is placed on the logical side of our brain that little is known about the right which is associated with intuitive processes such as aesthetic abilities. But intuition is connected to the direct perception of truth.   It is imparted from the world of … [Read more...]

Honor People’s Choices

For people doing any kind of healing work, it is imperative that you remain in your hearts and yet detached. Staying calm in the mind and emotions allows you to be faithful conduits for the passage of healing energy. Recognize that the energy comes through you first so when giving a healing you get a healing. Honor People's Decisions Not all coming to you truly want to be whole and complete. Some people may not be ready to let go of grievances, hurts and disappointments. Honor people's … [Read more...]

Bless The Past And Release It

Leaving the past behind means just that. And please no rubber necking, in other words, no looking back in regret to see what is left behind. Forgive yourself and bless the past and release it. Understand that you did the best you could with the information available. Only In The Now You can be grateful for all that happened, for all the events and circumstances that have brought you to here. And here is the place of the now, the moment. Only in the now is the possibility of freedom, the … [Read more...]

Grow In The Power Of Loving Yourself

Now more than ever, it is so important to remember to stay calm, centered, focused in your spiritual core.   It is pretty scary to see a whole lot of people walking around with open eyes but they are not awake. The light keepers,who are waking up from deep sleep need to be mindful to stay cheerful, and light hearted no matter what is going on in the world.  This stance of love allows you to truly be of service to the world. We Are Not Truly Helping Anyone I know that it is sometimes  difficult … [Read more...]

Watch What You Speak

  Our words have tremendous power.  Watch what you speak. We are living in such extraordinary times, many of us are experiencing our words coming into life immediately.  There is no longer a time lapse of years between speaking and seeing the results. Nothing Happens By Chance Not too long ago, my daughter who from a very early age exhibited a wealth of creativity, was exhibiting her photographs. And I remember my daughter exclaiming that she wanted the photos to fly off the … [Read more...]

Mistaking Chemistry For Intimacy

Intimacy" into me see" is about sincerity, vulnerability. Our intimate relationships with our partners or our closest friends provide solace for the soul. Once the depths of intimacy have been tasted, it is hard to experience anything less. The spark of love that is generated within our most intimate relationships needs to spread out to all we meet. Love is not a gift to be jealously guarded or owned. It is like a light that needs to be shared and allowed to shine. The more we share this gift … [Read more...]