Imagery Work with Josie Nigro in WoodStock NY

Imagery is the Picture Language of the Mind

It is an inner language, the true language of the mind universally shared by all humans.  Images or pictures bind and unify us. Just think about it, we think in pictures all the time, we get up in the morning, we see ourselves going to the bathroom and brushing our teeth.  We see ourselves getting into the car.  That is thinking in pictures.

We are Most Familiar with Logical Thinking

We are most familiar with logical thinking, which has taken precedence because it is the basis of science.  When you have a flash of insight and you see a new way of doing something, have a new understanding or find a solution to a problem, this kind of thinking is intuitive.

Imagery, like intuition, is a type of non-logical or analogical thinking.  Logical thought is useful for objective reality like how to get somewhere.  Imagery is used for making contact with our inner subjective reality, similar to our night dreams.

When We are Imaging, We are using our Imagination

When we are imaging, we are using our imagination, a powerful tool for healing, and creating new experiences.  We turn our attention inwardly giving our will a direction.  Imagery is not to be confused with meditation, which can make us sleepy and less alert.

The focus with imagery is to image and remember.  The requirement is heightened attention and heightened wakefulness.  It is meditation in action.  Like a homeopathic dose, it acts as a catalyst, creates a spark, and brings movement, new life. Remembering is an important part in this because it means restoring ourselves back to wholeness by recalling our unity, putting our bodymind back together again.

Images of Negative Beliefs

My understanding is that disease and negative emotional states are images of negative beliefs.  Diseases being physical, emotional states being mental, they are both images and our own mental creations.

If we can accept this or consider it with compassion towards self, we can author a new way of being.  We can choose positive beliefs, which align us with the harmony, abundance, beauty and graces of a magnificent Creator, The One True God.

Josie Nigro – Intuitive Coaching & Energy Healing

I am honored to walk beside you in your spiritual awakening  and share the Christ Light Healing Energy through the following:

  • Hands-on and Remote Healing –  Healing energy goes to wherever it is most needed.
  • Morphology –  is a study of the face. It is a revelatory tool which gives information on one’s personality, temperament and behaviors; dietary needs and health; business and career paths; personal relationships and more. The purpose is to elevate, never to condemn, judge or blame another or oneself.  It is never to be used without permission and never to be used to have power over another.
  • Dowsing –  Used not for divination but as a means of transforming denser thought forms and emotions into the lighter energies of the Christ consciousness.
  • Imagery – The powerful use of the mind through imagination in creating health and  connecting more deeply with Spirit
  • Intuitive Coaching –  in a sacred protected space, we partner together with Christ Jesus.  We turn our attention inward to discover, release and heal all that is keeping you from experiencing who you truly are, a spark of the One True God.
  • For more information about the above services that I offer, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, I can be contacted by phone or email.

In His love,

Josie Nigro
Woodstock, New York
631.384.7040 or 845-684-5326