Healing Touch

Healing Touch with Josie Woodstock New York

 My understanding of laying on of hands or the healing touch comes from my own experience as a young child.  My grandmother suffered with such debilitating migraines, you could not move around her.  I remember her lying down in a darkened room.

Accessing a Part of Something Bigger

Me, sitting by her side, being very still, accessing a part of something bigger than me and working on the energy field around her head.  There was no thought only the wish or impulse to make her feel better.  And she always felt better.  Up until she died at 100 years of age, she always asked me to work on her.

The Healer as a Catalyst

You can compare the healing touch to the love of a mother for its child.  The healer serves as a catalyst to create a harmonic vibration in your force field, which helps to bring about order.  The task of the healee is to sustain the order, and keep himself/herself from returning to the habits, and dis-ease is a habit as well.

Remembering Your Wholeness

Healing is about remembering your wholeness and putting yourself back together again, dis-ease really reflects a state of forgetfulness.  In healing we acknowledge and give attention to the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional realms.  When one is off, all are off. They all need to work together, they all need our love and acceptance.

Josie Nigro – Intuitive Coaching & Energy Healing

I am honored to walk beside you in your spiritual awakening share the Christ Light Healing Energy through the following:

  • Hands-on and Remote Healing –  Healing energy goes to wherever it is most needed.
  • Morphology –  is a study of the face.  A revelatory tool, it gives information on one’s personality, temperament and behaviors; dietary needs and health; business and career paths; personal relationships and more.  The purpose is to elevate, never to condemn, judge or blame another or oneself.  It is never to be used without permission and to be used to have power over another.
  • Dowsing – Used not for divination but as a means of transforming denser thought forms and emotions into the lighter energies of the Christ consciousness.
  • Imagery – The powerful use of the mind through imagination in creating health and connecting more deeply with Spirit
  • Intuitive Coaching –  in a sacred protected session, we partner with Christ Jesus and turn our attention inward to discover and release all all that is holding you from experiencing the fullness of who you are, a spark of the Uncreated God.

For more information about the above services that I offer, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with me, I can be contacted by phone or email.

In His love,

Josie Nigro
Woodstock, New York
631.384.7040 or 845-684-5326