Today’s Thoughts

We are inextricably connected to the Invisible Reality of the Uncreated God that showers us all the time with goodness, beauty, freedom and magnificence. All that is needed on our parts is faith and trust that we do deserve. Just as the sun shines unconditionally on us all, the Uncreated God knows not the love of power, it reflects only the power of love. Be Not Captured By The Darkness Of The World  Be in the world but not captured by the darkness and hate that is of the world. The world … [Read more...]

Cleaning Out..

  I love order and from time to time, find myself cleaning out closets and giving away clothes, shoes and things that no longer fit the person that I am now today. It always makes me feel unburdened, lighter.  And interestingly enough, it has been proven that if you want to lose weight just clean out your closets. Let Go Of Beliefs, Memories Letting go, takes on a deeper meaning when we consciously redirect our lives.  And we choose to bring to the dump those beliefs, thoughts, memories that … [Read more...]

Turn On The Light

  When you make the commitment to walk on the highest and easiest path in essence you  make the conscious decision to live from the highest perspective.  You choose to let the Light shine through every part of your being.  You are in this world but you are not of this world. The Light Is Turned On You become capable of looking at yourself objectively.  The masks including the crust of positivity that is presented to the world is dropped. In climbing the ladder to Spirit, more and more … [Read more...]

Today’s Thoughts

  In all areas of life and certainly on the path to Spirit, there are no short cuts, no skipping steps. As a matter of fact, on the road to Spirit, sometimes it is three steps forward and two steps back. We are constantly being challenged and tested along the path. Keep In View A Direction I have learned that one has to be flexible enough to let go of the outcome.  It is my observation that this state of mind keeps you light, and humble. Sometimes we don't know what is best for us; … [Read more...]

Doubt, The Divider

  Doubt is defined by uncertainty, undecidedness in opinion and belief. According to wikipedia, it is a state of mind suspended between two contradictory propositions.  It is the state of being of two minds.  You are not able to assent to either of them therefore leaving you  paralyzed being not able to move forward or backward. Doubt is ubiquitous, everyone experiences it from time to time.  It is the nature of living on the planet.  It's been a part of our lives since the fall … [Read more...]

Sit Back And Receive

For many receiving is most difficult.  Astonishing as it may sound, it is no easy task for it makes us feel vulnerable and beholding to others.  It is truly just another part of  loving oneself and it opens the hearts on a deeper level.  Yes, hearts because we have in addition to the physical heart, the heart chakra, the high heart chakra where the thymus is located and we have the Sacred Heart which opens when we live in the consciousness of the fifth dimension. Interestingly, the word … [Read more...]

Bless The Past And Release It

Leaving the past behind means just that. And please no rubber necking, in other words, no looking back in regret to see what is left behind. Forgive yourself and bless the past and release it. Understand that you did the best you could with the information available. Only In The Now You can be grateful for all that happened, for all the events and circumstances that have brought you to here. And here is the place of the now, the moment. Only in the now is the possibility of freedom, the … [Read more...]

Mistaking Chemistry For Intimacy

Intimacy" into me see" is about sincerity, vulnerability. Our intimate relationships with our partners or our closest friends provide solace for the soul. Once the depths of intimacy have been tasted, it is hard to experience anything less. The spark of love that is generated within our most intimate relationships needs to spread out to all we meet. Love is not a gift to be jealously guarded or owned. It is like a light that needs to be shared and allowed to shine. The more we share this gift … [Read more...]

An Important Healing Attitude

When making a transformational turn in our lives, an important healing attitude to have is one of forgiveness. Forgiveness of others is a step because it is easier to do that first. Holding unforgiveness in our hearts maintains negative ties with people.  Even if there is justification for holding onto the anger. Releasing the Hurts When we are holding a negative feeling or attitude in our hearts about someone, it actually does nothing to the other person. However it does make it harder for … [Read more...]

Balanced Between Heaven And Earth

As spiritual human beings we are not meant to walk solely on the physical nor solely on the spiritual world. We are meant to walk in both  worlds at the same time; we are to be balanced between heaven and earth.  As we consciously ascend the ladder of mastery, we naturally bring heaven down here on earth. Have Faith And Trust We are inextricably connected to the Invisible Reality, Infinite Intelligence, God that showers us all the time with goodness, beauty, freedom and magnificence. All that … [Read more...]