Intimacy, A Spark Of Love

Our intimate relationships with our partners or our closest friends provide solace for the soul.  Intimacy" into me see" is about sincerity, vulnerability. Once the depths of intimacy have been tasted, it is hard to experience anything less. The spark of love that is generated within our most intimate relationships needs to spread out to all we meet. Love is not a gift to be jealously guarded or owned. It is like a light that needs to be shared and allowed to shine. The more we share this … [Read more...]

Honoring All Mothers

  Another Mother's Day is upon us and I wish to extend greetings and blessings to all mothers everywhere.  We would not be here if not for them.  They are the carriers of life, their mission is a sacred one.  All of life bows down in honoring all mothers throughout  the human and animal kingdom.  The hardest job that a woman ever has to do in this life is to be a mother.  Everything else in comparison is a piece of cake. The Root Chakra The archetype of the Root Chakra is the Mother. … [Read more...]

EveryDay Do Something That You Love

Greet The Day Waking up in the morning as soon as my feet hit the floor, I love to extend my arms exposing my heart. And greet the day with an invitation to the Spirits of love, gratitude, peace, abundance, acceptance and self-acceptance. I love this time of the day; it is a new day, a new beginning. Sometimes I do it even when I don't feel like it, and when I do, it makes always me feel better. It sets the tone for my day. Just Being In Nature My temperament is best suited for spending time … [Read more...]

Grace Is All Around Us

Everything Is Grace St. Theresa, the Little Flower, is one of my favorite saints.  Every time I think about her, I feel the childlike wonder, and simplicity.  Her greatest teaching is “everything is grace”. These words were actually spoken during the darkest period of her life, yet today she speaks to us of hope.  She realized that when we unite our will to the will of the Invisible Reality or God, if you wish, we open the door to have hidden and mysterious graces unfold before … [Read more...]