About Josie

About JosieWelcome

I pray that these pages open the eyes, and ears of your heart


I am an intuitive coach and my anointing is to bring in the Christ Light Healing Energy.  It is my honor to share with you.

In a protected sacred space of a session, with Christ Jesus standing with us, we turn our attention inward to discover, release and heal all that is holding you from experiencing yourself as a joy filled spark of The One True God.

The Unseen World

The gift of healing appeared very early in life sometime before there was language to explain it. And the unseen world was always tangible to me. As I got older, I tried talking about it, in my effort to understand but it was not welcomed. And so at around 14 years of age, I pushed these gifts away.

Memories Ignited

When I took a natural medicine course in my early twenties, memories of my early childhood were ignited.   That spark opened the door to consciously devoting myself to the understanding that we are Spirit in physical form.


I am humbled by a Most Merciful God who never gave up on me.  The One who was always knocking on my door trying to get my attention while I was experimenting in the new age metaphysical realm.  And I am forever grateful that His love and grace have brought me to the present moment, for He loved me first.

I give honor and glory to the One True God for illuminating my body, soul and spirit with the Light of Jesus Christ and the Fire of the Holy Spirit.  My Master Jesus is making me into His masterpiece.

Many times God uses people so, a special thank you to Greg Brodsky, author of “From Eden to Aquarius”,  who was my first teacher of natural medicine. He saw something in me that I did not understand and told me to open my heart that I had a lot of work to do.

In 1990, I became a Reiki Master which became a stepping stone leading me to Daskalos, Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis and to being ordained.  As a fellow Researcher of Truth, I was reintroduced to Christ Jesus or as Daskalos lovingly calls Him, Joshua Immanuel the Christ, and His unique mission.  Also for the first time I learned about managing the mind and the emotions.

For four years I was privileged to take spiritual medicine classes with Dr. Jerry Epstein.  It was such an honor to be around such a beacon of light.  As a physician and teacher, he steadfastly educates people to transform their lives with the powerful use of the mind through the imagination.

Thanks to Raymon Grace, a remarkable healer and teacher who takes dowsing to new heights. His down home manner of teaching is simple, straight forward, encouraging people to transform their lives.

Many times what the enemy intends for evil is turned into good.  And all I have encountered and studied with have served to bring me back to the inner voice of the Uncreated God, the One True God.

And lastly a special thank you to Christina Lunden, who constantly reminds me to walk on the highest and easiest path as a spiritual human being.  Under the umbrella of her guidance, I stand in the anointing of the Christ Light.  I am so grateful to you, Christina, for our kinship and our friendship.


Forever in His Love,
Josie Nigro

Client Testimonials

I went to Josie for a morphology (a face study) session.  And wrote down two pages of notes on all areas of my life including health, the kind of environment I would thrive in and more.  It was accurate, so spot and it really shined a mirror back at me with the truths that I already knew.

I also went to Josie for a dowsing session.  I feel like it is a good idea to do before any big decisions/events in your life.  It really does clear the energy and allow new energy, free of blocks.  We did a clearing with some coworkers that I feel had a great impact and made the project go smoothly.  I highly recommend a session with Josie anytime.

-Laura Vercammen, Woodstock, NY of Angelini Designs

Both my husband Andrew and I were recommended to Josie who we found to be amazingly gifted in distance healing and spiritual education.  She is a lovely, compassionate, wonderful teacher and guide.  Our life thoughts and desire for peace will be further enhanced through our continued journey with Josie.

-Bonnie and Andrew Lobby of New Jersey

I recently received guidance from Josie.  It was a beautiful session of Divine guidance and healing-soul altering clarity.  If you experiencing any challenges in life, I would highly recommend seeking her help.  Thank you, Thank you!  Love the work that you do.

-Young Mi, Ceramic Artist, residing in Florida

My experience with Josie has always been profound and very helpful in generating clarity in the working of life.  She walks without pretense with you to help you see God in a practical and personally useful way.  I have always felt renewed and supported after her counsel.

-Aren Stirbl, NYS licensed massage therapist and herbal consultant, residing in Woodstock, NY and California.

My energy healing session with Josie proved to be a rewarding spiritual experience.  She was able to relieve my fearful thoughts and anxiety.   Josie’s gentle and caring words placed me in a relaxed meditative state.  After the session I felt centered and in a peaceful place.  I left the session with words of comfort for the soul.  Josie is someone I highly recommend.

-Maria D’Amelio, teacher residing in Bronx, NY.