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    Spirituality is like the Simplicity of the Rose
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    Beauty from the Muck
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    Sunlit Waters
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    Healing Waters
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    A Bridge
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    The Seraphim

Josie’s Featured Articles about Spirituality & Healing

Forgiveness Is Key

An important key to any kind of healing is forgiveness. Forgiveness is key;  forgiveness of others is only the first step. Holding unforgiveness in your heart maintains a negative tie with that person.  But please be wise in remembering that forgiving doesn't mean forgetting and putting the people who have hurt you back in your life. Releasing the Hurts When we are holding a negative feeling in … [Read More...]

Planting Your Seeds

  What thoughts are we sending out into the universe? Whatever we focus on creates more of the same. Nothing complicated here. Do you want to live in a peaceful, joyful world, then create it in yourself.  Consider planting seeds of peace in your heart, be the peace, be the joy, be the shining example for all to see. A friend of mine, several years, inspired by this concept conducted her … [Read More...]

Today’s Message

  Our first parents lived in the Garden of Eden, actually a non-physical reality where there was no death and disease. They lived in perfect harmony with all and everything was good, and everything was given freely. The only edict was to listen to the voice of God and not eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. They lived in a beautiful world, knowing only oneness, transparent … [Read More...]

Footprints In The Sand

The famous "footprints in the sand" poem serves as a constant reminder that we are not alone.  The Uncreated God is always with us.  This inspirational message has been around since the late forties.  Many thanks goes to Mary Stevenson who is responsible for authoring such a beautiful reminder and giving it to this world. I pray that this encourages all those who feel abandoned, feel that God … [Read More...]

Mass Consciousness Influences Us All The Time

  Everything is composed of energy including our thoughts and emotions. It seems to me that once we birth them, they take on a life force of their own.  And we are affected by each others thoughts and emotions all the time. At this time the prevailing thought forms are the spirits of fear, divisiveness, hatred, lack, which are creating the energy of mass consciousness. And this mass … [Read More...]

The Best Is Yet To Come

  In these divisive times of shaking and quaking,  it is even more important to stay calm, centered, focused.  We need to stay cheerful, and happy no matter what is going on in the world.  Be in the world totally living your life but be not moved by the hateful voices in the prevailing world thought, and the wars and rumor of wars.  Let the joy of the season fill your hearts with the … [Read More...]

Call On 911

I love Psalm 91 and I call on it to start the day.  And I repeatedly say it throughout my day, it is my 911.  It brings me tremendous peace and sometimes I find myself saying excerpts of it in my dreams.  I keep the Bible opened to this chapter on the nightstand next to my bed as a constant reminder that I am protected. Psalms Of Praise The Book of Psalms is the longest book in the Bible … [Read More...]

Give Thanks For All Things

This is a special time of the year.  For me, it is really an exalted time.  I get to celebrate my birthday but I also get to give thanks for having been birthed on the planet at such a propitious time. As harrowing as conditions around the world are, I wouldn't want to miss this ride for the world. Acknowledge Everything Thanksgiving allows us to slow down and take the time to remember to give … [Read More...]