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    Spirituality is like the Simplicity of the Rose
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    Beauty from the Muck
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    Sunlit Waters
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    A Leap of Faith
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    Healing Waters
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    A Bridge
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    The Power of Prayer
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    Intuitive Coaching
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    The Seraphim

Josie’s Featured Articles about Spirituality & Healing

Be Not Captured By The Darkness Of This World

  Be in the world but not captured by the darkness and hate that is of this world. The world around us represented by the institutions of war, education, medicine, banking seek to enslave us. Putting our faith and trust in our government or political machine is putting our feet on shaky ground. Root Yourself In The Invisible Reality Be in the flow of your life, allow yourself to be … [Read More...]

An Important Key To Healing

An important key to healing is forgiveness.  Giving pardon to others who have caused you harm is the first step in healing.  Holding onto unforgiveness in your heart maintains a negative tie with that person even if you are justified with your anger. It causes a heaviness and weight in your hearts. But please remember forgiving doesn't mean forgetting or putting the people who have hurt you back … [Read More...]

A Wake Up Call

One of the first times the difference between looking and seeing hit home to me was when I was studying with Dr. Jerry Epstein.  At the beginning of any group of classes he asks people to introduce themselves to the rest of the group. When it was my turn to introduce myself, I said my name Josie with emphasis on the Jo. He politely asked me to repeat my name; well this went on three times. On … [Read More...]

Tending Our Gardens

    I derive great joy in living with plants inside and outside my home.  And I come from a long line of people who love gardening .  I have precious indelible memories of my parents and grandparents diligently working side by side transforming what plot of land they had around their home into a magnificent garden. Life Is Similar To A Garden Gardens need much attention. … [Read More...]

Lessons That We Learn

  Life is a gift given to us undeservedly by an incredible Invisible Reality, the Uncreated God. And in this sojourn called life sometimes there are lessons that we learn and remember. I remember very well going into debt with my first own credit card.  I went on a buying binge of gift giving for my family at Christmas time.  It was exhilarating  to have more buying power and have … [Read More...]

Stand Under A Shower Of Golden Light

When doing any kind of healing working, we need to remain mindful about absorbing things, like beliefs, emotions, and attaching thought forms that do not belong to us. So it is very important to clean and clear ourselves after every session, and then also at night. Before going to bed, I see myself stand under a shower of golden light washing away the day.  At the same time I affirm that I … [Read More...]

Healing, A State Of Soundness

Healing is a state of wholeness,  a state of soundness. And every person has the capacity not only to heal but to be a healer. Even though some of us have come into life with this gift,  it really is not a special ability reserved for a few unusual people.  But rather it is a natural, creative skill. There are many techniques you can acquire, study but no techniques are ultimately required in … [Read More...]

One Size Does Not Fit All

  One standard diet does not fit every human being, just as one size does not fit all.  A standardized rule of thumb is not appropriate for everyone. A standard is defined as an approved unit of measurement.  This is great applied to things but when applied to people, it is dehumanizing. Yes, there are standard dress sizes, but even that, any dressmaker will tell you everybody's shape … [Read More...]